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High Street Gate Closes on 17 July for a week

Posted By : Marie Thomas Thursday 15th June 2017

Salisbury Cathedral High Street Gate will be closed to all vehicles for the week commencing 17 July due to work being undertaken on a property near the entrance.

The scaffolding needed for the work will have to be placed in the roadway in order to comply with health and safety requirements. To ensure the safety of those working on the scaffolding and the general public the High Street Gate will be closed to all except pedestrians and cyclists. No vehicles will be admitted.

The Gate will be closed from 07.00 on Monday 17 July until Friday 21 July, when it is hoped all the work requiring scaffolding will be completed. It is intended that the Gate will then reopen, however please note that this does depend on there being no delays.

During the High Street Gate closure period staff vehicles, residents vehicles, delivery vehicles and emergency vehicles will be given access through St Ann’s Gate. This will be overseen by the Traffic Team during normal working hours.

Jackie Molnar, Chapter Clerk and Chief Executive said: “The Cathedral would like to thank everyone in advance for their understanding and patience.”

For further information please contact Marie Thomas on 01722 555148 or