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"This is a very special place and I hope you catch a sense of that as you explore some of what defines us.


The beauty of the building and its setting is awesome. We are inheritors of the most extraordinary vision which could imagine and build something of this scale and majesty. There is so much here which makes us marvel, admiring human ingenuity and the faith which motivated it.


I’m also inspired by things here which speak of building a better world. From our original copy of Magna Carta to the 20th century ‘Prisoners of Conscience’ window there are icons of freedom and justice, reminding all of us of the impact of living by Christian values and inviting us to pray for a world which knows far too much cruelty and injustice.


Yet I also hope you encounter the community here – the staff, volunteers and worshippers who try to make a difference for God. They offer an attractive, confident Christianity, a warmth of welcome, and a willingness to engage.  It’s that generous spirit which I trust you meet as you explore our life, for it is a generous God we worship here.


You are always welcome at Salisbury Cathedral.


The Very Revd June Osborne

Dean of Salisbury